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Goat Farm layout

    The first building that requires a very good layout is the goat farms. You will need a lot of them in a very small place. You will start seeing this problem when you will have to get to 1500 Vassals as you will need  12 goat farms. So, i will show you the perfect goat farm layout.

THIS IS IT!!! In the center you will have the Distribution Center (red 4x4 box), and roads (blue 1x1 boxes) running parallel beside the Distribution. Next to the roads, you will see the Goat Farms (orange 3x3 boxes), 8 on each side of the roads. The pastures (yellow 4x4 boxes) must be placed 6 on each side and the other 4 near the Distribution Center.

A good place to start this layout would be in the first sector (in the first part of the map that you get at the beginning of the game) on the right corner, as shown in the screen:

I don't have a full layout completed yet, but you should get the general idea on how and where this layout should be placed. First you should try to start with the Goat farm near corner of the shore, where there are 7 squares distance from the road to the shore. Don't worry, no goat has drowned in the making of this layout, nor will it ever.

Please note that you don't have to make the entire layout at once, you can start with as many as you want, and in the end you will finish this layout. After that you can repeat the same process.

I also will update with other layouts, smaller that good for those spaces you don't know what to do with it or other large layouts for efficient production:

Hope this is of use to all of you. Don't forget to comment and rate.

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